Start tracking your habits today!

Fin is a clean and minimal habit tracking app which helps you to customize, track and analyze your habits with built-in reminders to keep you on track.

Activity Tracker

Meet Fin - a clean and minimal habit tracker

I built Fin out of frustration when I couldn't find a good habit tracking app for Android. Fin stays out of your way and just takes care of the basics without trying to do too much.

Customizable Habits

Progress Reports

On-time Reminders

Create your ideal habit

Create your ideal habit

Choose the exact days and the times for your habits. And to top it all off, Fin will send you a reminder when it's time for your habit!

Clean and Minimal

Clean and Minimal

An interface that doesn't overwhelm. View all your habits for a day and mark them complete, all from the same place.

Detailed Progress Report

Detailed Progress Report

Visualize your weekly, monthly and overall progress all the way down to a single habit!

Master your habits

With complete customizability and on-time reminders, it's never been easier!

Made within quarantine by Faraz Patankar